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Nutrition Research Study Recruiting Participants with Anxiety

Nutrition Research Study Recruiting Participants with Anxiety

Category: Non-practice Opportunities


Do any of your patients suffer from anxiety? There is growing evidence that the food that we eat impacts our mental health. A novel clinical trial at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine is recruiting adult women with generalized anxiety disorder in order to study how diet modification and omega-3 supplementation might help. We will provide 12 weeks of dietary counselling and omega-3 supplements to participants at no charge. Participants will also receive non-perishable food items and an honorarium for completing questionnaires. Participants must be able to travel to Toronto 3 or 4 times during study participation. You may share the attached patient flyer or direct interested individuals to If you have any questions or would like to receive printed copies of the patient flyer, please contact lead researcher Dr. Monique Aucoin ND MSc. Thank you for helping us advance the research in non-medical treatment of mental health conditions!

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