Fantastic Associate Opportunity for you – Guelph, ON

Fantastic Associate Opportunity for you – Guelph, ON

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If you are a passionate chiropractor who loves helping people heal themselves, then this may be an associate opportunity for you.

Our ‘family’ of staff and patients is expanding and requires your help to meet the high demand of our wellness community in Guelph, Ontario.

Guelph is a growing city of 152,000 people about an hour west of Toronto just off the 401.  It is home to the University of Guelph and a hub of industries, many servicing the auto industry like Linamar, Polycon and Walinga.  It has many parks and trails for hiking and biking.  Guelph lake is nearby and provides water access for boating and swimming.

Our ‘Teaching Clinic’ of 28 years is uniquely positioned to serve our community. We provide an enhanced patient experience that begins with cutting-edge social media engagement, drawing over 50 pre-qualified new patients per month. That experience continues with an ‘office tour’ upon entering the clinic, a thorough cause-based history, a functional exam and digital on-site x-rays.  A follow-up Doctor’s Report of Findings explains; the Chiropractic Principle, how to read x-rays including pre/post correction (Chiropractic BioPhysics), a function-based definition of health, and explains the corrective care process.

Corrective care programs are offered and are geared-to-income as required to allow anyone to find the help they need within their means.  Adjustments are given in either open or private rooms and include full-spine manual diversified, palpation-based activator and drop-table techniques.  Regular function-based progress exams and re-xrays are done throughout the corrective care process.  Maintenance care is encouraged, and most patients continue on this basis once function is restored, to maintain their enhanced quality of life.

At our clinic our mission is “To help as many people as possible find better health naturally through Chiropractic care, and then to educate them so they can educate and help others.”   This will be your mission, should you choose to accept it ;)

Under a functional model of wellness, and with an intent not to do the healing, but rather to help each patient heal themselves, we honour the inborn wisdom of each patient to heal themselves, given a state of balance and unrestricted nerve supply.

As an associate you will be joining a clinic with a passionate Clinic Director, who’s team of one associate doctor and 4 support staff treat each other and our patients like family.

Your associate opportunity as an Independent Contractor will include training on adjusting style, patient education and management.  There is no base fee or pay but rather monthly payments are made based on volume using a sliding scale.  This allows even new grads to minimize their overhead while maximizing their income.

Before interviewing we recommend shadowing the practice to ensure that it is a good fit for you.

Call 519-837-1234 and ask for Brenda our Office Manager to discuss this opportunity.

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