Cold Laser Therapy Machine

Cold Laser Therapy Machine

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Cold laser machine for sale

brand new

comes with two probes

cash and local pickup only


Inspection certificate:

CE, ISO9001, ISO13485, Rohs and CFDA.

1. Perfect combination of medical laser 808nm and home laser 650nm.
2. Low level laser without pain,damage and side effect.
3. Clinical trials have proven LLLT to be effective which rate on various kinds of pain is more than 90%.
4. Two probes integrated into one instrument.
Probe A is used as the laser acupuncture to irradiate the small area for acupoint stimulation, anti-inflammatory and reduce swelling edema.
Probe B is used to irradiate the parts like bone joint, muscle, ligament, neck and back for pain relief, tissue repair and rehabilitation.
5. Available output power from 0mW to 775mW.
6.Humanized design for adjustable time and power.
7. Used by high quality imported laser diode which has the long life-span and stable performance..


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