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Associate Position in Bermuda

Associate Position in Bermuda

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Category: Marketplace


Seeking an associate for an evidence-based chiropractic clinic in Bermuda – yes, the island paradise!

We’re a 2.5-hour flight from Toronto and taxes are extremely low.  We have an incredible lifestyle and haven’t had to shovel snow in… forever. Does a sunny 10-minute commute on the ferry or scooter ride in one of the most affluent countries in the world sound appealing?

Our clinic is looking for an excellent communicator/educator while being proactive, energetic, and team-based.  This position would be ideal for someone with 1-5 years’ experience, sports/rehab/movement focused and has a growth mindset. One or more of ART, Graston, TPI, McKenzie, SFMA, FMS, CCSP, FAKTR, utilize stretching techniques, Kinesio Tape, acupuncture, etc.  This position would also be ideal if you are single, have a large student loan to pay off, are service-focused, and enjoy pink sandy beaches and boat raft-ups.  Our patient load is consistently 20-25/day and we take home from $11k-$20k BMD ($14k-$25k CDN) per month.  Visits are 30mins new patients (usually includes a cursory treatment) and 15mins of hands-on treatment each visit thereafter.  We’ve dialed in patient care/satisfaction and we’d prefer a doc who is energetic, and patient-focused.

Our team is solidly booked and has earned a phenomenal reputation. We have solid relationships with many of the local MDs & Orthos, and our practice is considered the leading practice on the island. We enjoy full autonomy in ordering all diagnostic imaging services for our patients and in most cases, patients can be imaged within 2 business days – even during covid!

Beyond being humble and empathetic, we are looking for is a self-starter who is goal-driven and prefers a balanced healthy lifestyle.  If you enjoy working in a bright, new custom-built clinic with modern necessities like EHR (Jane), ChiroUp, an automated espresso maker, and fully electric chiro tables, you’ll love our home away from home.  Every room has a large window and its own AC controller. Our patient experience, camaraderie, and efficiency are world-class.

Commission commensurate with experience with a base $3k/month salary + commission to start. We also offer full private global health insurance, up to 37 days off in your first year, and a fun yet professional support team.  We offer a progression plan and incentives for those engaged in our team and have strong revenues. It’s a model and lifestyle that we’ve refined over the last 20 years.

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