Patient Care Award

The Patient Care Award recognizes a chiropractor, clinic or organization that has excelled in providing exceptional patient experiences, by delivering care that reflects patients’ preferences and has incorporated diversity, equity, and inclusion in their practice. The nominee will have demonstrated a dedicated effort to build a practice that creates an exceptional patient experience for all individuals.


Preference is given to a nominee who supplies testimonials and letters of reference from patients, staff, partners, community members and collaborating health professionals. * The nominee must meet the eligibility requirements for all awards.

Nominations must identify the impact the nominee has on their patients, how their work increases awareness and implementation of innovative ideas and best practices to achieve exceptional patient care in all of the following areas: 

Delivery of Outstanding Care & CollaborationThe nominee works with a broad range of health professionals in a variety of collaborative models of care to provide high-quality, cost-effective, patient-centred care. 

Patient Experience & SatisfactionThe nominee consistently receives positive feedback and high satisfaction ratings from patients about their exceptional patient experience. 

Dr. Michelle Campbell at podium
2022 Patient Care Award Winner
Dr. Michelle Campbell

Development of Patient-Centred Models of CareThe nominee has developed/adopted models of care that are regarded as best practices among their professional colleagues. The nominee applies the universal patient expectations of: 

  1. Partnership: Mutual respect, choice and personalization  
  2. Active listening Communication: Active listening, genuine interest, clarity 
  3. Human touch: Compassion, connection, empathy 

Incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion: The nominee has created a safe, respectful space for patients to experience care. 

* To be eligible, a minimum of two testimonials and/or letters of reference from patients, staff, partners, community members and collaborating health professionals must be submitted. 

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Nominations for the 2023 OCA Awards are now closed