Dr. Michael Brickman
Heart and Hands Award

(Members Choice Award)

Honouring the memory of OCA Board Director Dr. Michael Brickman, this prestigious award is presented to the practising chiropractor who best embodies a generous and giving spirit (the heart) with the remarkable passion and dedication to chiropractic care (the hands).

Dr. Demetry Assimakopoulos at podium
2022 Dr. Michael Brickman Heart and Hands Award Winner
Dr. Demetry Assimakopoulos


A chiropractor who has been an OCA and CCO member in good standing for ten years or more and has earned the respect of their peers by contributing to both the practice and reputation of chiropractic. Nominated and selected by our members, the nominee is a chiropractor who has made a tremendous impact through selfless devotion to patient treatment. 

In addition to the eligibility requirements for all awards, the nominee will have demonstrated their exceptional contribution to the chiropractic profession in two or more of the following Heart and Hands areas: 


  • Nurturing and inspiring remarkable passion for learning in the hearts of their peers 
  • Volunteering and bettering their community through dedicated care, selflessness and a genuine desire to do good


  • Skillful use of their hands to bring strength to the sick and relief to the suffering 
  • Building a culture that incorporates best practices and delivers great health care and experience to their patients

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Nominations for the 2023 OCA Awards are now closed