Chiropractic Champion Award

A new award for 2021, the Chiropractic Champion Award will be awarded to an advocate, ally, or individual who is instrumental in the advancement of the chiropractic profession in Ontario. This award is intended to recognize someone who is not a currently licensed chiropractor who has enhanced the profession in meaningful ways within the Ontario health care system.

Dr. Goodyear at podium
2022 Chiropractic Champion Award Winner
Dr. Gary Goodyear


A member of the public who has enhanced the chiropractic profession in Ontario through their professional or personal actions.

In addition to the eligibility requirements for all awards, the nominee will have made a significant contribution to the profession in two or more of the following areas: 

Interprofessional OpportunityCreating novel possibilities for chiropractors to engage in the Ontario health care system and collaborate with other professionals as equals. 

Professional Governance: Actively participating in the governance, Regulation, political progress of the profession in Ontario. 

Education: Contributing to the continuous improvement and implementation of chiropractic education, inclusion/representation of chiropractic in other health professional education, and/or creating interprofessional networking opportunities for chiropractic students. 

Research: Involvement in research and/or scholarly initiatives that demonstrate significant and sustained impact on the profession 

Advocacy: Demonstrating significant efforts and dedication to advocate on behalf of the profession; to educate and help influence positive policy change, for example: 

  • Building the stature, profile and reputation of the profession
  • Influencing political agents to enact positive change for the profession 

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Nominations for the 2023 OCA Awards are now closed